Five Timorese students successfully complete oil & gas graduate internship program

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The Internship was the second phase of the two phase program, with Phase 1 providing 12 participants the opportunity to undertake a six month Foundational Skills Training Program led by Charles Darwin University. 

The Program was launched in August 2014, in collaboration with the Government of Timor-Leste. Phase 1, provided participants with important oil and gas industry knowledge and professional skills. Subjects included oil and gas safety, computer literacy and business communication skills. 

Phase 2: the program provided five graduates the opportunity of 12-month paid internship positions with ConocoPhillips Australia. During this period the interns were assigned real world projects and tasks to develop their understanding of the industry and further their experience in their particular discipline. On top of their daily job responsibilities, they participated in numerous additional training courses, enhanced their English and public speaking skills with regular presentations to leadership, and also completed a challenging team project through the Company’s Global Engineering Academy program. The internship has provided participants with invaluable learning curve on the job training and practical experience across offshore and office based environments, resulting in a much greater understanding of the oil and gas industry.

Paul Dubuisson, Vice President of Operations, Drilling and Supply Chain, a member of the ConocoPhillips leadership team, was in Dili to personally congratulate the graduates.

“We were extremely pleased to have worked with representatives of the Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo e Minerais (ANPM), to initially develop this training program and now be here today celebrating the participants’ graduation.”

“On behalf of ConocoPhillips and our Bayu-Undan JV Partners, we congratulate the graduates for their dedication to this demanding training program. Our hope is they go on to use their new skills and knowledge to participate in the oil and gas or broader industry,” said Mr Dubuisson.

Mr Dubuisson stated, “ConocoPhillips is proud of its role to support capacity building in Timor-Leste including this program, and we wish the interns the best in their careers.”

Mr. Gualdino da Silva, the ANPM President, “On behalf of Timor-Leste Government, ANPM recognize and appreciate the good cooperation with ConocoPhillips and its Joint Ventures through Bayu-Undan project in supporting the successful delivery of a Graduate Internship Program as a pre-career development initiatives with the graduation of five young Timor-Leste nationals today. To the best interest of the nation’s skilled workforce, I would like to congratulate each of the graduates and wish you all a brighter future career as the professionals in the industry. The achievement of the five graduates today is the start-up manifestation of good cooperation nurturing between ConocoPhillips and its Joint Ventures’ as commitments to develop Timor-Leste nationals workforce with a real working experience in the industry under the Bayu-Undan project.”

“We expect that continuous collaboration and partnership goodwill will be enhanced to support and expand technical and professional opportunities across the energy sector in coming years. To those Timorese who have interest in gaining hands-on professional experiences in oil and gas upstream businesses, I would like to encourage you and yourself to be well prepared for the excellent opportunities as such are very limited, yet competitive, therefore, to be one of this you should prepare yourself to compete”, said Mr. Gualdino da Silva, the ANPM President.

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