ConocoPhillips Australia

Our Projects & Activites

ConocoPhillips sees enormous potential for long-term growth in Australia.

We currently operate two legacy assets: the Bayu-Undan offshore facility in the Timor Sea, and the Darwin LNG facility in the Northern Territory.

Our Integrated Operations Support Centre located in Western Australia, provides centralised and shared technical and functional support to support these assets, enabling us to take advantage of the latest collaborative technology. 

Another significant operation is the Australia Pacific LNG project, a substantial coal seam gas to LNG operation in Queensland in which ConocoPhillips is a joint venturer and the downstream operator.

The company is also currently involved in a number of other exciting offshore exploration and development projects in Australia including Caldita-Barossa, Greater Poseidon and Greater Sunrise.

ConocoPhillips and our joint venture partners have invested US$1.6 billion* in gross exploration expenditure in Australia since 2009.

These activities continue to generate a diverse range of exciting and challenging employment opportunities across a wide range of occupations.

*As of April 2017

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