Barossa learns from Norwegian experience

In February 2018, a group from the Barossa Project team visited ConocoPhillips Norway to learn about the different technical solutions used in their Ekofisk operations, and experiences from the Aasta Hansteen development.

The group spent a day at Stord learning about the Aasta Hansteen development and the technologies and operations model that will be used there.

They then spent two days in Tananger working with the operations teams, gaining a detailed understanding of their technical practices. Norway have achieved huge efficiencies through digitization and are so advanced in their operations support that they can remotely operate the facility.

In-depth discussion took place around technical solutions for telecommunications, operations management and simulator training, as well as experiences with the production center (PDC) and the onshore technical center (OTC).

Barossa FPSO Operations Representative, Tim Tilbury, said the Australian group was very grateful for the opportunity to learn from the experiences of their Norwegian counterparts, and had gained invaluable knowledge to help gain efficiencies in Australian operations.

"We had very productive and open discussions about the experiences in Norway. Much of this will be brought back into our Barossa planning, to achieve cost-effective operations without unnecessary technical challenges", said Tilbury.

Photo: (from left to right: Sean Kittson – ABUW Process Engineer, Tim Tilbury - Operations Assurance Specialist, Tom Plank – Electrical, Instrument & Controls Engineer, Michael Wegg – Senior ICE Engineer, Audun Schmidt – Project Manager POA, Stein Wolden – JV Manager Heidrun/Statfjord/Oseberg/Met/Ra)