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ConocoPhillips as the operator of the Bayu-Undan project, and the other joint venturers - Santos, INPEX, Eni, Tokyo Electric Power Company and Tokyo Gas, have had the privilege of developing the Bayu-Undan petroleum resources together with Timor-Leste and Australia.

Our journey has been rewarding as we have worked with the Timorese people to contribute to a brighter future. Like the progress of this strong and proud nation, our journey has not been without challenges. However, through working cooperatively, we have made significant progress.

It is a journey that is continuing, as we work together to develop economic and social opportunities in Timor-Leste.

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In 2012, to celebrate 10 years of developing together with Timor-Leste, ConocoPhillips and the Bayu-Undan joint venture developed a celebratory booklet.

"We are especially proud of the contribution Bayu-Undan has made to Timor-Leste’s economy. With approximately 70 percent of every extra dollar earned flowing to the Timor-Leste and Australian governments, Timor-Leste has received over $18 billion dollars from Bayu-Undan production to date"
– Chris Wilson, President, ConocoPhillips Australia-West 

"The funds from Bayu-Undan have allowed the Government to educate thousands of young Timorese, provide hundreds of tractors to assist the lives of Timorese farmers, equip our security forces to ensure stability in the country and provide financial assistance to our Veteran fighters who dedicated their lives to liberate the country, just to name a few of the programs"
– Alfredo Pires, Minister for Natural Resources, Republic of Timor-Leste

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