ConocoPhillips Australia

Health & Safety

At ConocoPhillips we believe that all workplace accidents are preventable. Our health and safety programs not only focus on improving work practices - they strive to make every employee’s health and safety a top priority, and to eliminate all unsafe incidents.

We believe that no task is so urgent or important that our employees cannot take the time to do it safely. We aim for a workplace where all employees can return home each day in the same condition that they came to work.

Whilst our safety performance continues to improve, our ultimate target is ZERO incidents and injuries. Our exploration and production operations have implemented "Journey to Zero," a program which aims to improve safety performance by promoting safety leadership at all levels of the organisation. We will continue to develop and implement new programs and procedures to further improve our performance until we achieve ZERO.

Our Australia Business Unit President believes that if we can work incident free for one day, then we can work for many months and even years, without incident.

Focusing on safe behaviour is vital if we are to prevent accidents and improve our safety performance. As a result, ConocoPhillips develops programs that emphasise personal responsibility and empower our employees to foster a safe working environment at all times. We strive to develop a culture where each employee, at all levels of the organisation, takes responsibility for both their own safety and that of their work colleagues.

To support development of this culture, our Australian Business Units have introduced the WAVES (We All Value Each Other’s Safety) program. WAVES is an employee-driven, behavioural-based safety process involving peer-to-peer observation and feedback aimed at identifying and eliminating unsafe behaviours.

WAVES and other safety programs not only focus on improving safe practices – they also aim to make safety a top priority for every employee, and to eliminate all incidents.