Talented Timorese trainees in demand for major projects

Contract Resources’ new Timorese recruits Arianto de Jesus and Jose Guterres Pinto are already in high demand for work on major projects across Australia and offshore, just six months after commencing training with the company.

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Contract Resources’ new Timorese recruits Arianto de Jesus and Jose Guterres Pinto are already in high demand for work on major projects across Australia and offshore, just six months after commencing training with the company.

Contract Resources is a contractor to the Bayu-Undan Joint Venture Project and was invited by ConocoPhillips, the joint venture operator, to participate in their Consolidated Local Content Plan in early 2016.

As part of that plan, contractors are asked to demonstrate how they intend to create employment opportunities for Timor-Leste nationals. ConocoPhillips also encourages further development of industry experience within the Timor-Leste labour market through traineeships, intern positions and other career pathways.

Contract Resources, in support of this focus, recently engaged Arianto and Jose as Industrial Service Technician trainees for an 18-month training program in Perth, with a further two Timor-Leste Nationals to be offered the opportunity following their completion of the course.

Below, Contract Resources WA Project Manager Graeme Clegg recounts the company’s journey in creating Timorese trainee opportunities and the positive impact this has had for their Company:

“In early 2016 Contract Resources was invited to participate in ConocoPhillips’s Timor-Leste Local Content program and at that time we had no idea how to approach this or how rewarding it would eventually become.

In May of 2016, I flew to Dili to interview a number of applicants. I interviewed many fine applicants, but two candidates stood out. They clearly demonstrated their integrity, honesty and great character. It was a no-brainer, Arianto and Jose were the people we wanted to be part of our organisation.

In early March this year, having worked through the Visa process, they started work with Contract Resources at our Jandakot yard. From that day on they have not looked back and have fitted in seamlessly to the team. Their attitude, enthusiasm and desire to learn has won them many friends, and those friendships go beyond work, with Ari and Jose participating in social events most weekends. Be it watching their beloved Crusaders rugby team, exploring Fremantle, visiting the ANZAC memorial in Kings Park, going out on fishing trips or simply going out for meals, the friendships they have formed are genuine and meaningful.

Putting training into practice

The plan was to train Ari and Jose to become Industrial Services Technicians and to give them work experience in the oil and gas industry with the hope that they could secure work in the industry on their return to Timor.  They have completed 16 training courses each over the past 6 months, including Common Safety Training Program, TBOSIET, Confined Space Entry, Confined Space Rescue, Breathing Apparatus, Dogging, Rigging, Permit to Work and Fork Lift Ticket.

With this training under their belt they went out to the Bayu-Undan shutdown in May and received very favourable feedback from their supervisors. They had never worked a 12-hour shift or a night shift, and the work, whilst fully supervised, was new and challenging and the facility completely foreign to them, but they really embraced the challenge.

Something that made a very real impact on Ari and Jose was meeting their fellow Timorese on the facility, people from similar backgrounds who had worked on the facility for several years and were successful and well respected.

Back in Perth, their training recommenced but they were also being requested by project managers to work on other projects. The positive feedback received from training providers, workshop staff and Bayu-Undan shutdown supervisors meant that they were now being sought for work in the field.  Ari and Jose began to shine, and Jose was singled out for a safety recommendation.

New opportunities arise

In just six months, Ari and Jose have gone from unskilled trainees to highly regarded industrial services technicians with two shutdowns under their belts and a further two projects each planned for later in the year. It has become evident how capable they both are.

We are now identifying Supervisor and Leadership training as well as HSE training courses to broaden their skill set. These new skills will provide them greater employment possibilities when they return to Timor, as they are transferable to other industries like Manufacturing and Construction.

All of us here at Contract Resources will look back at this year with a great deal of pride when we consider the growth and development of Ari and Jose, both personally and professionally.

None of this would have been possible without support and encouragement from ConocoPhillips. They have been very willing partners in this program and clearly also want the best for Ari and Jose.

The past six months has been a truly rewarding experience for all those involved, and we look forward to where the next 12 months of Ari and Jose’s engagement takes us all.” Graeme Clegg

Estajiariu Timor-oan ho Talentu nebe hetan demande ba serbisu iha projetu boot sira

Timor-oan nain rua nebe foin rekruta husi Contract Resources, Arianto de Jesus no Jose Guterres hetan demande hodi serbisu iha projetu boot sira iha Australia nomos iha tasi-laran, wainhira foin hahu sira nia treinamentu ho kompania nee iha fulan nen nia laran.

Contract Resources hanesan kontrator ida ba projetu Bayu-Undan nebe hetan konvite husi ConocoPhillips, hanesan operador ba Bayu-Undan Joint Venture, hodi partisipa iha Planu Kontiudu Lokal  Konsolidadu iha inisiu tinan 2016.

Hanesan parte ida husi planu nee, kontrator sira iha obrigasaun hodi demonstra oinsa sira nia intensaun hodi kria oportunidade serbisu ba Timor-oan sira. ConocoPhillips mos enkoraja esperensia iha industria sira barak liu tan iha merkadu industria Timor-Leste laran liu husi programa estajiiu, kria pojisan ba estajiariu sira no maneira seluk husi desenvolvimente kareira nian.

Contract Resources mos suporta ba inisiativu ida nee hodi rekruta Arianto ho Jose hodi sai hanesan Estajiariu ba Tekniku Servisu Industrial nian ba program treinamentu fulan sanulu resin ualu iha Perth, no Timor-oan nain rua tan sei hetan oportunidade hanesan wainhira program nee remata.

Tuir mai nee, Project Manager ba Contract Resources WA Graeme Clegg konta konaba jornada kumpania nian hodi kria oportunidade ba Timor-oan no programa nia impaktu positivu ba sira nia kumpania:

“Iha inisiu 2016 Contract Resources hetan konvite husi ConocoPhillips hodi partisipa iha programa Kontiudu Lokal Timor-Leste nian no iha tempu neba ami la hatene karik programa nee sei susesu ga lae.”

Iha fulan Maiu 2016, hau semo ba Dili hodi halo intervista ba kandidatu balun. Hau intervista kandidatu diak barak, maibe kandidatu nain rua mak diak liu hotu. Sira demonstra sira nia integridade, onestidade no hahalok diak. Ikus mai ami hili Arianto no Jose hodi sai parte husi ami nia organizasaun.

Iha fulan Marsu tinan ida nee, depois de remata prosesu aplikasaun ba vistu, sira hahu serbisu ho Contract Resources iha ami nia edifisiu iha Jandakot. Hahu husi nee sira nem hare fali ba kotuk hodi tama iha ami nia ekipa ho diak. Sira nia attitude, entusiasmu no hakarak hodi aprende halo sira hetan kolega baran, no sira nia amizade lahotu deit iha fatin serbisu, tamba Ari ho Jose partisipa iha eventu sosial barak iha fim de semana. Asisti jogu husi sira nia ekipa Rugby Crusaders, esplora Frementle, vizita ANZAC memorial iha Kings Park, ba kail ou ba han iha liur, sira nia amizade mak forma ona jenuino no signifikativu tebes.

Aplika teoria ba pratika

Planu nee atu treina Ari ho Jose hodi sai hanesan Tekniku ba Servisu Industrial no hodi fo ba sira esperensia servisu iha industria mina no gas ho espetativa katak sira bele hetan serbisu wainhira sira fila ba Timor. Sira kompleta ona kursu hamutuk sanulu resin nen durante fulan nen nia laran, kursu hirak nee inklui, Programa Treinamentu Seguransa Komun, TBOSIET, Confined Space Entry, Confined Space Rescue, Breathing Apparatus, Dogging, Rigging, Lisensa hodi servisu no bilhete ba Fork Lift.

Depois de remata tiha treinamentu hirak nee, foin lalais sira ba partisipa iha Bayu-Undan shutdown iha fulan Maiu no hetan avaliasaun diak husi sira nia supervisor sira. Sira nunka serbisu durante oras sanulu resin rua nia laran, ou serbisu kalan, no hetan supervisaun hanesan desafiu ida nomos fasilidade nee hanesan buat ida estranu ba sira maibe sira infrenta desafiu hirak nee ho diak tebes.

Buat ida nebe halo impaktu real ba Ari ho Jose mak bele hasoru sira nia maluk Timor-oan sira seluk iha fasilidade nee, kolega sira balun mai husi distritu hanesan nebe servisu iha fasilidade nee ba tinan barak ona ho susesu nomos respeitu.

Fila fali ba Perth, sira nia treinamentu komesa fila fali maibe sira nia project manager sira husu atu sira bele serbisu iha projetu sira seluk mos. Ho avaliasaun diak mak sira hetan husi instituisaun fonesedor treinamentu no Supervisor sira husi Bayu-Undan Shutdown segnifika katak sira mos bele ona serbisu iha area nee. Ari ho Jose komesa halao servisu ho diak no Jose hetan rekomendasaun ba parte seguransa nian.

Oportunidade foun mosu

Iha deit fulan nen nia laran, Ari ho Jose aprende ona buat barak hahu husi ema nebe laiha skill to sai Tekniku Servisu Industrial ho esperensia Shutdown rua nomos projetu seluk rua planeadu ona molok tinan nee remata. Ida sai evidensia forte konaba sira sira nia kapabilidade.

Agora dadaun ami identifika hela treinamentu sobre Supervisor no Leadership nomos HSE hodi haluan sira nia skill. Tamba skill hirak nee sei fornese oportunidade boot ba sira hodi hetan servisu wainhira sira fila ba Timor, tamba sira bele mos halo servisu iha industria seluk hanesan fabrika ou konstrusaun.

Ami hotu iha Contract Resources sei hateke fali ba kotuk tinan ida nee ho kontente wainhira ita konsidera fali Ari ho Jose sira nia kresimentu no desenvolvimentu iha nivel personal nomos professional.

Buat sira nee hotu sei la posivel sem apoiu no enkorajamentu husi ConocoPhillips. Sira sai ona parseiru nebe ho vontade diak ba programa nee nomos iha hakarak nebe diak ba Ari ho Jose.

“Fulan nen kotuk sai hanesan esperensia nebe diak tebes ba ema hotu mak involve iha programa nee, no ami hein nafatin Ari ho Jose sira nia progresu iha sira nia involementu iha fulan sanulu resin rua tuir mai.” Graeme Clegg