Marking 700 cargoes with Larrakia culture

A couple of records have been broken at Darwin LNG over the last month that are worthy of a celebration!

The arrival of the biggest LNG carrier to pull alongside Darwin LNG was a momentous occasion.

The Sohshu Maru has a cargo capacity of 177,000 m3 and is equipped with a dual fuel diesel electrical propulsion system - this is more environmentally friendly than the standard steam turbine propulsion system.

The 700th cargo of LNG safely departed Darwin bound for Japan, which is another incredible achievement. It’s a testament to the talent and commitment of employees and contractors who have each played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of Darwin LNG since operations began in 2006.

A Larrakia Smoking Ceremony was organised to coincide with the celebrations of the 700th cargo, as a way to mark the occasion and reflect our relationship with the Larrakia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the NT.

The Larrakia people are the Traditional Custodians of the Darwin region, and we are thankful for the opportunity to work with the Larrakia family groups to understand and incorporate their culture into our operations.

A Smoking Ceremony is a significant ritual, one that is used as a spiritual cleansing and provides the opportunity to start afresh – to move negative energy and bring about revitalisation.

It was a privilege to have respected Larrakia Elder, Eric Fejo, and his family members, perform this ceremony at Darwin LNG. It was an initiative developed alongside the Wickham Point Deed Reference Group and is an important practice for Aboriginal people.

We were honoured to have Bill Risk OAM and George Laughton, two respected Larrakia men, and members of the Wickham Point Deed Reference Group visit Darwin LNG and participate in the ceremony.

This Smoking Ceremony was the first cultural event to take place on site, which saw all staff take the opportunity to observe and participate.

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