Eight new students join high school scholarship program

ConocoPhillips, on behalf of the Bayu-Undan Joint Venture, has welcomed another 8 students to the Bayu-Undan Scholarship Program, developed in 2015 to provide Timorese students access to the high quality of education being offered by the Jesuits through t

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ConocoPhillips, on behalf of the Bayu-Undan Joint Venture, has welcomed another 8 students to the Bayu-Undan Scholarship Program, developed in 2015 to provide Timorese students access to the high quality of education being offered by the Jesuits through the Colegio St. Inacio de Loiola.

The fully-funded scholarship program supports economically disadvantaged students from the nearby area of Kasait for the full duration of their high school education from grade 7 to 12.

The total number of participants in the program is now 25. All of the current students have been performing well academically, with some in the top 10 students of the school.

Fr. Joaquim Martins, School Superior, thanked ConocoPhillips and the Bayu-Undan Joint Venture for their support, by contributing to the development of the human resource of Timor-Leste.

Fr. Joaquim said the scholarship program comes with a responsibility for the recipients to make use of the program for not only their own benefit, but also for the future of their beloved nation of Timor-Leste.

One of the Bayu-Undan scholars making great use of this opportunity is student Santiago Soares Ribeiro. Santiago is thankful for the opportunity to study at the school because he realises that the school is of very good quality.

He said there are many activities for the students, like music and arts, or organising internal events, which help them to develop their knowledge. “Students also learn about leadership, how to become good leaders. The motto of the school is ‘Lead to Serve’, so in order to become a leader for others you have to adapt and be flexible,” Santiago said.

Santiago said he is happy about the scholarship, because he feels his hard work is paying off, and he promises to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Delio de Jesus Horiano is the father of Dominia da Costa de Jesus, another Bayu-Undan scholar. He feels proud that his daughter is part of the scholarship program as it helps the family to afford the quality education at the school. Delio’s family is aware that already many strong leaders have emerged from a Jesuit education, and he is proud that Dominia is one of them. He can imagine her becoming someone famous in the future, a strong leader in the country of Timor-Leste.

We congratulate all recipients of the Bayu-Undan Scholarship and wish them every success on their learning journey.          

Estudante Foun Nain Walu Foin Join Programa Bolsu Estudu Ensinu Sekundaria  

ConocoPhillips, reprezenta Parseiru Bayu-Undan sira, hato bemvindu ba estudante foun nain walu ba programa Bolsu Estudu Bayu-Undan nian, nebe dezenvolve iha tinan 2015 hodi fornese asesu ba estudante Timoroan sira ba edukasaun ho kualidade aas nebe fornese hosi Jesuita sira liu husi Colegio St. Inacio de Loiola.

Programa bolsu estudu finansiamentu integradu ida nee ajuda suporta estudante kiak sira mak mai hosi area Kasait nian ba durasaun hotu husi sira nia estudu ensinu sekundaria hahu husi grau 7° to 12° anu.

Total numeru partisipante iha programa nee hamutuk estudante 25. Agora dadaun estudante hotu halao sira nia estudu akademiku ho diak, no sira balun faz parte iha estudante top 10 iha eskola nee.

Pe. Joaquim Martins, School Superior, hato nia agradesimentu ba ConocoPhillips no Parseiru sira hotu iha Bayu-Undan ba sira nia suporta, liu husi sira nia kontribuisaun ba dezenvolvimentu rekursu umanu Timor-Leste.

Pe. Joaquim hateten programa bolsu estudu nee mai ho ninia responsabilidade ba bolseiru ida-ida atu sira bele uza didiak oportunidade nee ba sira nia benefisiu rasik, maibe mos ba futuru sira nia nasaun doben Timor-Leste.

Santiago Soares Ribeiru, sai hanesan bolseiru ida ba programa nee, nebe uza didiak oprtunidade nee.

Santiago hato ninia obrigado ba oportunidade nee hodi bele estuda iha eskola nee tamba nia realiza katak eskola nee iha kualidade diak tebes. Nia hateten iha atividade barak tebes ba estudante sira, hanesan muzika no arte, ou organiza eventu interna, nebe ajuda sira hodi dezenvolve sira nia kuinesimentu.

“Estudante sira mos aprende sobre lideransa, oinsa atu sai lider ida ho diak. Motto hosi eskola nee mak ‘lidera hodi serbi’, neduni atu sai lider ida ba ema seluk ita tenke bele adapta no flexivel,” Santiago hateten.

Santiago dehan nia sente kontente konaba programa bolsu estudu nee, tamba esforsu tomak mak durante nee nia halo sai realidade, no nia promete sei foti vantazen boot husi oportunidade nee.

Delio de Jesus Horiano hanesan aman hosi Dominia da Costa de Jesus, bolseiru ida husi Bayu-Undan. Nia sente orgullu katak nia oan feto faz parte husi programa bolsu estudu nee tamba nee ajuda sira nia familia bele asesu ba edukasau ho kualidade iha eskola nee.

Sr. Delio ho nia familia sira hatene katak lider forte barak mak sai husi edukasaun Jesuita nian, no nia sente orgullu katak Dominia bele sai hanesan estudante ida iha eskola nee. Nia bele imajina nia oan feto atu sai ema famoza ida iha futuru, no lider forte ida ba nasaun Timor-Leste.

Ami nia parabens ba bolseiru sira hotu husi bolsu estudu Bayu-Undan no dezeiju votus susesu ba sira nia jornada aprendizajen tomak.