Darwin LNG welcomes six new operator trainees

Six new operator trainees commence at Darwin LNG to help run the world-class facility…

11 new operator trainees have kickstarted their careers in the oil and gas industry as part of a new initiative between ConocoPhillips Australia, Programmed Skilled Workforce and INPEX in the first collaborative industry-based training of its kind in the NT.

ConocoPhillips Australia commenced its pioneering Darwin operator training program in 2010 and since then, 36 Territorians have completed the program. These operators have been instrumental in the success of Darwin LNG, with former trainees now representing approx. 60% of the Darwin LNG area operator workforce.

This is the seventh operator trainee intake for ConocoPhillips Australia but the first in collaboration with INPEX. Over 1,200 applicants displayed an interest in the training program, which equates to almost 1% of Darwin’s population! It was a rigorous recruitment process that resulted in six operator trainees commencing with ConocoPhillips Australia to help run Darwin LNG safely and efficiently.

The benefits of industry-collaboration mean there is support for local education institutions to deliver training locally, instead of trainees having to travel interstate for three months. Such collaboration also means there is stability and consistency, particularly in relation to safety.

The six operator trainees who will soon become integral to the day-to-day operations of a global industry are long-term Territorians. “It is important for the social fabric and vibrancy of the communities in which we operate that we are able to build capacity and career opportunities for local people,” said David Boyle, VP of Operations, Drilling and Supply Chain – ConocoPhillips Australia.  

Darwin LNG has a fully residential workforce policy for our operations employees and it’s one that can be maintained through programs like this.