Containers for Change

 In April 2019, ConocoPhillips Australia introduced the ‘Containers for Change’ recycling program at the Australia Pacific LNG facility on Curtis Island, Gladstone.

The program collects recyclable drink containers and exchanges them for a $0.10 refund.  Refunds can be donated to eligible community groups and charities.  Site personnel voted to donate funds obtained through the Containers for Change Program to the Gladstone and District Wildlife Carers. 

The Australia Pacific LNG Environment team, together with Veolia, allocated bins at both the facility and ferry terminal carparks. In May 2019, the first collection netted 12,616 recyclable containers, which were later exchanged for a $1,261 refund. 

And ConocoPhillips proudly donated the money to the Gladstone and District Wildlife Carers. Jodi Jones, President of the Gladstone and District Wildlife Carers, said it was a welcome surprise to have been chosen as the recipients of the donation.

“Caring for our local injured, orphaned or sick wildlife is very financially challenging for our dedicated carers. This amazing gift will go directly towards feeding our animals in care which costs our carers thousands of dollars every year.” Jodi said.

Sam Templar, ConocoPhillips’ Environmental Specialist, said “Recycling not only reduces our environmental footprint but it adds value to the way we operate. It is often far more cost effective to recycle and treat wastes”.

“Being able to contribute to the Containers for Change program by recycling something destined for the bin has meant we can continue to recycle onsite but more importantly, contribute to the community.”

 The growth of our operations goes hand in hand with the implementation of sustainable practices and initiatives. We strive to work efficiently to reduce our carbon emissions and waste, continuing our commitment to the protection and preservation of our environment.