A new ship arrives at Darwin LNG

There’s a new ship in town at Darwin LNG, and she’s making waves…

After 187 voyages from Darwin LNG over 11 years of operation, the Alto Acrux, a project-dedicated LNG carrier built for the shipment of LNG from Darwin to Japan, was alternatively replaced by the Diamond Gas Orchid.

A 165,000 m3 twin-shaft LNG carrier, the Diamond Gas Orchid pulled alongside Darwin LNG for the first time in July.

The Diamond Gas Orchid is the first LNG carrier designed with the Sayaringo containment system (tanks) and STaGE (steam turbine and gas engine powered) concept. Combining a lightweight hull structure with an innovative hybrid propulsion system resulted in a next-generation LNG carrier with improved cargo-carrying capacity and fuel performance.

The Sayaringo containment system features LNG tanks that are modified from a true spherical shape into an apple-like shape, which increases the volumetric efficiency and maximises the cargo capacity. These tanks are enclosed in a continuous steel cover, which enhances the structural strength of the ship, and reduces wind resistance.

Darwin LNG is always looking for opportunities to reduce its environmental footprint by researching and embracing innovative marine technology that provides the highest insulating and propulsion efficiency.

With a capacity of 165,000 m3, Diamond Gas Orchid’s maiden voyage was the single largest cargo ever shipped from Darwin! The Diamond Gas Orchid is now regularly loaded with these ‘super cargoes’ safely and efficiently at Darwin LNG ready for export to Japan.