The ConocoPhillips Science Experience: Supporting Australia’s Future Scientists

Over 2,000 Year nine and ten students from across Australia have enjoyed a unique opportunity to deep dive into the world of science and technology, thanks to The ConocoPhillips Science Experience.  

In January, more than 100 students descended upon three of Brisbane’s largest universities kicking off this year’s ConocoPhillips Science Experience Program.  The program provided students with the opportunity to experience hands-on workshops and lectures from some of Australia’s leading scientists. Tom Wilson, Australia East Control Systems Engineer, represented ConocoPhillips at the Brisbane program’s closing ceremony as a Keynote Speaker.   

The Brisbane program closes out the 2018 ConocoPhillips Science Experience program. Last year, approximately 100 students from around the Northern Territory attended the Charles Darwin University program and were given the opportunity to tour Darwin LNG, gaining an insight into its operations, career opportunities and the equipment and technologies that keep the plant running safely and efficiently.   

Students across the WA programs were able to hear from a range of STEM experts from ConocoPhillips’ Perth team, including geoscientists, an environmental specialist and a reservoir engineer.   Since 2013, ConocoPhillips Australia has partnered with the Science Schools Foundation and more than 30 participating universities and tertiary institutions. Reaching over 2,000 students annually, The ConocoPhillips Science Experience aims to inspire students by providing the opportunity to explore the vast array of science subjects on offer at university. These include Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Palaeontology, Biology, Astronomy, Environmental Sciences, DNA & Genetics, Robotics, Neuroscience, Mathematics and Forensic Science.  

ConocoPhillips Australia East President Wendy King said it is important for our younger generations to understand the full range of educational opportunities available to them.   

“It is encouraging to see so many students attending the program. ConocoPhillips continues to be a strong supporter of STEM education.  This program plays an important role in educating students on exciting career possibilities and in turn, assisting with the choice of subject selection. We would be delighted to see some of these students go on to study science, technology, engineering or mathematics at university and consider a career in the energy industry,” said Ms. King.