Knowing how to Contain It!

Working with and understanding hazards is essential for those working in the LNG industry. 

With close to 200 personnel onsite at the Australia Pacific LNG facility on any given day, having process safety awareness is essential.

The Safer Together organisation, along with Queensland Fire & Emergency Services trainers and facilitators, presented ContainIt! Training which was delivered at the facility on Curtis Island, Gladstone in September 2018.

ContainIt! Training is a transportable, interactive training program aimed at educating the workforce about process safety hazards and the role people play in preventing a major accident.

The training is comprised of a selection of outdoor demonstrations which are structured to portray process safety concepts, enable an interactive discussion about the relevant controls, and highlight relevant industry incidents where a major accident event has resulted. Fire and explosions are simulated safely on site to demonstrate what can go wrong and how to prevent it.

Demonstrations and information included:

  • Hazards and basic dangers of flammable gas in industry
  • Hazards at home and how to identify them
  • Fire safety in the workplace
  • Transferable and preventative measures for home fire safety  

Several sessions were delivered to groups of up to 15-20 people. The sessions were delivered by instructors from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and were well attended by a total of 143 people including employees and contractors.

Safer Together is a collective of The Queensland Natural Gas Exploration & Production Industry Safety Forum and Western Australia/Northern Territory Oil and Gas Exploration & Production Industry Safety Forum. It is a not-for-profit, member-led organisation of Operating Companies and Contract Partner Companies committed to creating the leadership and collaboration needed to build a strong and consistent safety culture in our rapidly evolving industry.

ConocoPhillips Australia is a proud member of Safer Together.