Barossa gains AIP Plan approval

For any Australian projects valued at over AU$500 million, the Australian Jobs Act 2013 details Australian industry participation requirements aiming to ensure Australian entities have full, fair and reasonable opportunity to bid for the supply of key goods or services. ConocoPhillips Barossa was required to submit an AIP plan for the Barossa project, outlining how it plans to fulfil these objectives for Barossa’s major work scopes.  

Opportunities for Australian companies to supply specific equipment & services to major contractors have been identified and are listed in the AIP plan. The Barossa Project will use ICN Gateway website ( to promote and publish project opportunities to Australian industry. This is expected to be publicly accessible around start of FEED phase in Q2 2018 and will include general and pre-qualification information for Australian industry to register their interest against specific opportunities.  

The Australian Government requires executive summaries of AIP Plans to be published on their website, you can view the Barossa plan here.